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Skippers Dog Treats

If you’ve been looking for dried fish treats for dogs that are sourced and produced right here locally in the UK, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Skipper’s Pet Products, we are here to provide you with natural dog treats that come straight from the ocean. So if you’re looking to supplement your dog’s diet with some dried fish, choose Skipper’s pet Products today.


Fish for Dogs Has Never Been Better

You might be asking why your dog needs fish in its diet in the first place. Well, as well as being delicious, fish is an excellent source of nutrition for all animals, and is therefore a great way to improve your dog’s existing dry dog food diet.

One of the best things about fish for dogs – despite being low in saturated fats –is that fish is high in Omega 3 essential oils and protein, two things that will help your dog remain big and strong, and their coat to keep its shine right the way through until old age.  Ultimately, there’s no wonder why your dog loves dried fish, it’s delicious and good for them.

In addition to the nutritional benefits of our great dry dog food, we’re also proud to acknowledge that we’re one of the only dog food suppliers to do everything the natural way. This means our treats contain no artificial colourings, flavours, e-numbers or additives of any kind.


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As premium dog food manufacturers, we believe passionately in UK-based production. Considering that most other dried pet snacks and natural dog treats come from overseas, we’re proud to offer a service that is based right here in the UK. So if you want to treat your dog with delicious premium dog food that is good for their health and good for UK business, browse our site today.