Natural Dog Treats

Our natural dog treats collection is packed with lots of beneficial nutrients to positively impact your dog's health.

Skipper's selection of natural dog treats and chews are high-value rewarding treats that are healthy and low in fat, simply perfect as a delicious reward.

Our Natural Dog Treats usually contain only 1 to a few simple ingredients. Our natural treats are mainly made of fish and do not contain any additives or preservatives, making them the perfect natural treat option for your dog.

8 reviews

Love Bites - 100% Salmon & Cod

429 reviews

Dog & Puppy Training Treats

141 reviews

Salmon Supremes

136 reviews

Luxury White Fish Cubes

106 reviews

Whitefish & Herb Slices

103 reviews

Whitefish & Herb Sausages

55 reviews

Squid Strips

713 reviews

Fish Finger Skins

255 reviews

Fish Skin Strips

857 reviews

Fish Skin Cubes

479 reviews

Fish Skin Trimmings

1473 reviews

Fish Skin Flatties

347 reviews

Fish Skin Throw Sticks

985 reviews

Fish Skin Twists

121 reviews

Little Gems

360 reviews

Wolf Fish Flatties

183 reviews

Wolf Fish Throw Sticks

323 reviews

Wolf Fish Twists

180 reviews

Fish Skin Mighty Bars

46 reviews

Giant Gems

223 reviews

Salmon Skin Flatties

18 reviews

Variety Bundle



Are natural treats good for dogs?

Natural treats, especially fish treats, are an excellent way for your dog to get their essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These fatty acids can bring your dog many health benefits.

What are natural dog treats?

Natural treats for dogs generally contain more nutrients and less fattening ingredients. Our natural fish treats are mostly made from 1 ingredient (fish). Skipper's treats do not contain additives, preservatives, E-numbers, flavourings or colouring.

Are these natural treats good for dogs with allergies?

Depending on your dog's allergy, Skipper's natural fish teats can help reduce any inflammation. The Omega 3 fatty acids in the fish treats can also help with any itchiness and redness to your dog's skin. However, we highly recommend seeking advice from your veterinarian first.

Are these natural treats good for my dog's teeth?

Skipper's natural treats can help with cleaning your dog's teeth, and this is because our treats have a naturally abrasive texture created by our drying process. When your dog chews on a Skipper's treat, the chewing motion, paired with the texture of the treat can help remove or loosen any dirt, plaque or tartar.

What is the best human foods to give to my dog as treats?

The best human food options to feed as treats are carrots, cheese, apple slices (do not feed the apple core), green beans, plain yoghurt and sweet potatoes.

Is it OK to give natural treats to your dog every day?

Yes, but feed natural treats in moderation. There should not be an issue with feeding our natural treats to your dog daily as long as you keep within the feeding guidelines.