Dog Training Treats

Our healthy dog training treats come in a variety of sizes to cater to a variety dog mouths. These training treats are made from natural ingredients and most importantly incredibly delicious.

These treats are the perfect training treat for your dog, each holds a different flavour of fish giving your dog a wide range to pick from.

753 reviews

Fish Skin Cubes

375 reviews

Dog & Puppy Training Treats

213 reviews

Dried Sprats

112 reviews

Luxury White Fish Cubes

120 reviews

Salmon Supremes

100 reviews

Little Gems

90 reviews

Whitefish & Herb Slices

95 reviews

Whitefish & Herb Sausages

35 reviews

Dried Anchovies

25 reviews

Puppy Bundle

11 reviews

Training Bundle



What are high-value dog training treats?

High-value rewarding treats are what your dog considers desirable and worth working for. These types of treats can help keep or gain your dog's attention for training.

Are these training treats good for dogs with allergies?

Our training treats can be considered safe for dogs with allergies, and this is because most of our treats only contain 1 ingredient, which is fish. Fish is a hypoallergenic type of protein for dogs, and very rarely, dogs will have a food allergy to fish.

Are these training treats good for dogs with pancreatitis?

The majority of our treats can be considered suitable to feed to a dog with pancreatitis. We often recommend our Whitefish Jerky range for dogs with pancreatitis as they only contain 2.56% fat. We advise consulting a veterinarian for specific dietary recommendations for your dog.

How many training treats can I feed my dog per day?

The amount you can feed depends on which Skipper's treat, the size of the treat and your dog's size and activity level. Each of our product pages will showcase a feeding guide that you can refer to.

What training treats are best for puppies?

Ideally, small and soft treats are best suited for puppies due to their smaller mouths and stomachs.

Is it OK to train dogs with treats?

Yes, it is OK to train your dog with treats. Treats are used to motivate and reward your dog for performing desired behaviours and more.

Do dogs need treats every day?

Dogs do not necessarily need treats every day. But, treats are usually used in moderation for daily activities such as training, bonding and positive reinforcement.

Can I train my puppy without treats?

Some dogs may need treats for training to keep or gain their dog's attention. However, some dogs are more toy orientated. Therefore, treats would not be effective.