We take pride in the quality of our fish and work hard to ensure it only comes from sustainable sources.

At Skipper’s, we produce natural fish treats for discerning pet owners - and we take care to use only high-quality human-grade fish, most of which is sourced locally from established and trusted fish merchants in Grimsby or Hull, or from other areas of the UK.

We’re passionate about developing new, innovative and exciting natural fish-based treats to stimulate for your dog’s eating habits and keep them bouncing with health, inside and out.

All of Skipper’s fish products are sourced from sustainable fisheries guaranteed as human-grade fish and bursting with protein and high in natural Omega 3 oils. With our wealth of experience, we understand the fish industry, and currently there is no other fish treat producer in the UK with our level of experience and knowledge in supply, production and distribution of quality sea food.

Here at Skippers we’re passionate about fish, and want to do everything we can to prolong the sustainability of our industry and our oceans.

So you can be assured that all our fish is sourced from fully sustainable and ethical sources within the EU, be it Scotland or Norway for our Salmon, or the cold waters of Iceland and Denmark for our Cod and Haddock. This is so we can bring you the best quality, human grade fish, from the most reliable and responsible sources.

This means that from the shop shelf we can trace a product back to the time and date it was manufactured, the quality processes it undertook during manufacture (e.g. oven temperature records), all the way down the line to the source the fish was caught.

We also keep all records of production, and test our products externally to guarantee the quality and safety of our products.