Christmas Gifts for Dogs

For many people, Christmas Day consists of giving and opening gifts from friends and family. Get an extra special and delicious gift for your dog this Christmas.

Whether you're looking to gift your dog or someone else's, our Advent Calendars, Christmas Crackers, and Bundles will surely be a hit on Christmas Day! Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your dog couldn't get any easier.


What are good Christmas Gifts for dogs?

Great Christmas gifts for dogs include toys, like interactive puzzles or squeaky plushies, tasty treats, a warm and comfortable bed, and stylish collars or harnesses. These gifts can bring more joy to your dog during the holiday season.

Should i get my dog a Christmas present?

Yes! Getting your dog a Christmas present can be a thoughtful and fun way to show your love and appreciation for your furry companion during the holiday season. Dogs may not understand the concept of gifts, but they can enjoy the new toys, fishy treats, or accessories, and it's a way to include them in the festive spirit.

What are the ingredients in your Christmas dog treats?

The treats in our Advent Calendars contain either 100% Whitefish or 100% Salmon. The treat in our Christmas Cracker is made from 100% Cod skin. The Luxury Whitefish & Cranberry Cubes are made from 96% Whitefish fillet and 4% Cranberry pieces. Finally, our Tasty Turkey Slices are made from 60% turkey and 40% sweet potato, potato, cranberry, preservative and glycerol.

Are your Christmas dog treats suitable for all dog breeds and sizes?

Our Christmas gifts for dogs are suitable for all breeds and sizes. However, if you own a small breed like a Chihuahua, you may want to avoid the Christmas Cracker that contains the Fish Skin Flatties since it could be too big of a treat for them.

Are these an appropriate Christmas gift for a friends dog?

Definitely! These treats will undoubtedly get the majority of tails wagging! Plus, since the majority of our Christmas themed dog treats are made from fish, which is hypoallergenic, they are a safe option for dogs with allergies.