Working Dog Food

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50% Salmon, Trout & Sweet Potato GRAIN FREE Complete Dog Food (Sporting & Working Dog)

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Salmon & Potato Working Dog Food


Our Working Dog Foods are made from high-quality ingredients packed with a bunch of nutritional benefits for your dog. These benefits will help to keep your active dog fit and healthy whilst also being incredibly palatable.

Skipper's Working Dog Food is formulated specifically for working dogs such as service dogs, sheepdogs, police dogs, etc.


What is the difference between working dog food and normal dog food?

Working dog food has a higher calorie and fat content than normal dog food.

Can dogs have working dog food?

We advise against feeding working dog food to pet dogs because working dog food is formulated for dogs that are working. Examples of working dogs include police dogs, service dogs, herding dogs and more.

How do I change my dog to a new food?

It is generally recommended to follow these guidelines for transitioning your dog onto a new food:
Day 1: 25% new dog food, 75% old dog food
Day 3: 50% new dog food, 50% old dog food
Day 5: 75% new dog food, 25% old dog food
Day 7: 100% new dog food

What do working dogs eat?

Unless the vet has recommended your dog a specific diet, it is recommended to feed a food that is higher in energy, such as dog foods that are formulated for working dogs.

Does working dog food make dogs hyper?

Excess sugar can be the main reason for your dog to become hyper. Dogs can also become hyperactive due to the higher levels of protein.

How often should I feed a working dog?

It is recommended to feed your working dog at least twice a day.