Which Flatties Should You Choose For Your Dog?

by Team Skipper's on January 07, 2021

At Skipper’s we make three different types of tasty Fish Skin Flatties. We’ve got low fat Cod Fish Skin Flatties, Omega Oil rich Salmon Skin Flatties, and Chewy Wolf Fish Flatties. But which kind is best for your dog?

We sent a pack of each to three different customers and their dogs so they could compare each and let you know which they preferred! Here’s how they got on!

Jodie & Rusty


After receiving our delicious delivery of Flatties from the wonderful Skippers, we decided to do an experiment! Out of all three Flatties (Salmon Skin, Wolf Fish Skin and Fish Skin), which would Rusty pick first? And how long would each of them last him?


Rusty had a good sniff of each of the Flatties, first the Salmon Skin, then the Wolf Fish, back to the Salmon then over to the Fish Skin. I thought he’d made his mind up with the Fish Skin Flattie then he quickly changed his mind back to the Salmon! We had a winner! The Salmon Skin definitely interested him the most out of all three Flatties. Rusty enjoyed the Salmon Skin Flattie so much, it lasted him a couple minutes to eat as as he literally inhaled it he was so excited about trying it and it was nice and soft too!

Next Rusty chose the Wolf Fish Skin Flattie! This particular Flattie lasted Rusty well over 15 minutes! While he thoroughly enjoyed it, it was a lot more firm compared to the Salmon Skin Flattie which meant he really had to work harder to actually eat the treat rather than inhaling it like he usually does! Super!

Last but not least were the Fish Skin Flatties! These have to be one of Rusty’s favourite treats! Their fishy fragrance is absolutely irresistible to Rusty and are perfect to use as high value rewards during training. Like the Wolf Fish Skin Flatties, these Flatties are firm and lasted Rusty around 20 minutes when I timed him! Depending on his mood, they can last him an awful lot longer as he does enjoy carrying them around the house, showing them off! A great long-lasting Flattie!

Katy & Ralph


Ralph is already a fan of fish treats and has spent a lot of time sitting outside his treat cupboard, his fish treats have him obsessed! So he was very much looking forward to trying out all three flatties.


Ralph tried the Wolf Fish first, they took him 7 minutes to eat and were the smallest of the chews but Ralph really enjoyed them! They seemed tougher than the others so they were great time-to-chew wise as it kept him quiet!

The biggest chew yet the quickest eaten, 5 minutes! These are definitely his favourite and the chews were huge which is great because he loves to get them between his paws!

A great small chew which took Ralph 9 minutes to eat! I Feel like this one would be great for the teeth as it spent a lot of time getting a good chew with Ralphs back teeth. They’re definite winners over any of Ralphs other natural treats!!

Laura & Buddy


Bud really loved all of the Flatties, he’s a big fish fan. I let him sniff all three packets to choose which one he was going to try first and he was most interested in...


The Salmon Skins were probably his favourite if he really had to choose! They’re a really good size for him being a medium/large dog. He preferred the texture of these to the harder Fish Skin Flattie and Wolf Fish Flatties. Lasted 4 mins 50 seconds.

These ones seemed really good for cleaning teeth. Could really hear him using his back teeth and having to work hard.He was very excited to get this treat! They have a harder texture compared to salmon skin which is more flaky. They took him 5 mins 40 seconds to chew so they’re long lasting in our book!

Again couldn’t wait to receive the flattie! They also have a hard texture but not as much so as the wolf fish variety. They look like a really good teeth cleaner and lasted 5 mins and 40 seconds so again very good for a longer lasting chew. Overall he loved all three varieties and I would definitely buy them on a regular basis!

 A big thank you to Katy & Ralph, Jodie & Rusty and Laura & Buddy for trying all of our flatties, as you can tell they're big fans. Customers find multiple benefits with each type of our Flatties and usually feed more than one because of these differences.

Our Fish Skin Flatties, being made from white fish like Cod are very low in fat at 2.5%. They're gentler on the digestion than the other types too.

Our Wolf Fish Flatties are higher in Omega Oils than the Cod. They have a more pliable nature and tend to be chewier as a result.

Our Salmon Skin Flatties lastly are the highest in Omega Oils and all of the intrinsic fishy benefits. They're Oilier to touch and much softer than the stronger Cod and Wolf Fish varieties.

Have you tried out Flattie varieties? Which does your dog prefer?

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