Skipper’s Best Treats As Voted By You!

by Greg Boon on November 12, 2021

We get it, we’ve got probably the biggest haul of fish based dog treats around and it can get a bit overwhelming for you guys when you’re trying to pick what’s best for your dog.

Well fear not! We’ve asked our regular customers what their dogs' favourite treats are for a variety of uses and requirements to make your decision process easier, which is extremely helpful if there’s a sale around the corner! Wink Wink.

Let’s take a look at those categories our fantastic regular customers voted on;

  • Their favourite treats for KEEPING THEIR DOGS TEETH CLEAN
  • Their Dogs favourite treats for TRAINING
  • Their favourite treats for DOGS WITH SENSITIVE STOMACHS
  • Their favourite treats for TAKING ON TRAVELS WITH THEIR DOGS

Obviously we’ve got our own favourites for each of these, but let’s see how you the people voted!


WINNER: Fish Skin / Wolf Fish Twists

Honorable Mentions: Fish Skin / Wolf Fish Flatties, Fish Skin / Wolf Fish Throw Sticks, Fish Skin Cubes.

Dental care is one of the core benefits of what our treats do and we’ve got a plethora of treats that take care of your dogs' gnashers in a plethora of shapes and sizes. We’re not surprised that our Fish Skin and Wolf Fish Skin Twists came out on top though!

They’re made from a single piece of strong Cod (or Wolf Fish) skin, which is twirled around and gently air-dried at low temperatures to lock in all of that fishy goodness. The result is a durable twisted chew with lots of ridges and an abrasive texture to help remove plaque and tartar while your dog chews!

What the customer said:

“These are fantastic! The dogs absolutely love them and the difference it’s made to their teeth and their fur is unbelievable. Maltese are known for having dental issues, so I’m always looking for ways to keep their teeth clean. I use vet recommended toothpaste, but still, for the past two years they needed a dental from the vet. This year, she saw their teeth and said they were so good, no dental needed! They’ve been having one of these a day for about 6 weeks now, and as well as keeping their teeth clean, it also keeps them busy for a good while as they chew! Definitely recommend these!”

- Marie T


2. The Best Treats for TRAINING

WINNER: Dog & Puppy Training Treats

Honorable Mentions: Fish Skin Cubes, Whitefish & Herb Slices, Dried Prawns

Our Dog & Puppy Training Treats have been a huge hit since Skipper’s began! These tiddly treats are made from 80% steam cooked Salmon, Trout and White Fish (48% Salmon, 24% Trout, 8% White Fish) potato and sweet potato… and that’s it! In our 500g bags there are over 1,000 treats making them an absolute bargain!

What the customer said:

“Maddie absolutely loves them! Perfect for putting in her toy to throw at agility and cheaper than others on the market with great quality. I find it difficult to find treats for Maddie as she has many allergies but these are great and her skin has cleared up perfectly! Quick delivery and great service! They will be a regular order.”

- Victoria H


3. The Best Treats for SENSITIVE STOMACHS

WINNER: Luxury White Fish Cubes

Honorable Mentions: Fish Skin Flatties, Fish Skin Cubes, Little Gems

White Fish is an incredibly gentle, easy to digest protein source and so we’re never surprised when customers tell us they found us while looking for treats to help with their dogs' sensitive tummies.

Our Luxury White Fish Cubes are just that. 100% White Fish fillet in convenient little cubes, they’re not as tough as our Fish Skin treats either so they’re great for sensitive teeth and gums as well as tummies!

Don’t let their gentle nature fool you though, they may be mild on the belly but they’re still packed with essential healthy nutrients!

What the customer said:

“My dog has allergies and a very sensitive stomach. I have to be so careful in what I give her but I don't need to worry about these luxury white fish cubes. They don't upset her allergies or upset her stomach. They are hard and crunchy and my dog adores them.”

- Sarah-Jayne C


4. The Best Treats for TAKING ON YOUR TRAVELS

WINNER: Fish Skin Cubes

Honorable Mentions: Fish Skin Flatties, Fish Skin Twists, Dried Prawns

You know what, our Fish Skin Cubes could have easily come out on top in any of the categories so far! They tick all the boxes, nutritious? Yep. Great for teeth? Yep. Small enough for high reward training? Sure! Good for sensitive bellies? You betcha

It’s that utility that’s helped them take the title of best treat for your travels! They can do it all! We even have them in 4 different sizes so you can pick exactly the right size for your dog!

What the customer said:

“Little cubes of fishy crunchiness, possibly the most exciting combination of smell, taste and texture for my dog. Extra special treat that she is always excited to get and I feel good about giving out. It’s just fish skin, no additives, no fillers. A tasty treat that’s also healthy.”

- J Romer


5. The one treat THEY CAN’T RESIST

WINNER: Dried Sprats

Honorable Mentions: Fish Skin Cubes, Fish Skin Twists, Whitefish & Herb Sausages

Ok, so i’m a bit biased here and decided to throw this one in myself. We get to spend a lot of time around dogs here at Skipper’s, and I've got a German Shepherd of my own (Leah, 13 years old!) and a cat (Phoenix) so they get to taste test all the new goodies.

But there’s one treat in particular both of them will go wild for when they anticipate the treat drawer opening, and that’s the Dried Sprats!

These whole fish are as natural as you can get, no processing before being dried whatsoever! Just off the boat, into the freezer and then dried! They might not be for the faint hearted, being a whole fish, head and eyes and all! But my pets think they smell divine and taste delicious!

They’re an oily fish, so while they might be a little bit messy for sticking in your pocket (that’s where our 70g pouch comes in handy!) It means they’re packed with Omega Oils which will help to keep your pets skin and coats in top condition, reduce inflammation in achy joints, support cardiovascular health and strengthen their immune system!

What the customer said:

“Freddie loves anything fishy!! At the moment he has to take 5 tablets over the day for his arthritis. He is 13 months old. I used to use tinned sardines. These sprats are great and much less messy. I break off a piece just behind the gills and push the tablet in towards the sprat mouth. Goes down a treat.”

- Elaine P


So there you have it, our the best Skipper’s treats as voted for by the people who really know best, you, the customer! We hope this can help some of our less experienced customers make easier choices when they’re browsing our shop.

To go a step further, we're introducing specially tailored bundles to certain themes to help you try a variety of products suited to your requirements. You'll be able to buy bundles relating to Dental Care, Skin & Coat Condition, Training, Tasty Varieties, Puppies and Sensitive Stomachs, each featuring between 7 and 9 different packs of treats!

We really do have a huge range of fish based snacks to choose from, so whatever the requirement, we’re confident we’ve got the right treat for you! And if you’re still unsure, just hit the online chat icon over there to get in touch with our team! They’ll be happy to help pick the perfect treats for your pooch!