How Are Fish Dog Treats Made?

by Crystal Moore on June 07, 2022

The process of making our natural dog treats is relatively straightforward when comparing it to other processes. To keep it short, most of our dog treats only contain 1 ingredient. Therefore, the fish fillets or fish skins are shaped and put into our drying units. Above is a summarised video of how our dog treats are made.

How to make our dog treats from fish skins

The fish skin is shaped in various ways depending on the dog treat. This includes folding, twisting and layering. When the fish skins have been folded and twisted, they are put onto a tray, ready to go into our drying units. However, with layering the fish skins, they are frozen, cut and finally placed into our drying units.

How are our natural dog chews made?

Step 1:

Sustainably sourced fish is skinned and filleted. The fillets go to places like Supermarkets and fishmongers while we take the skins that would otherwise not be used.

Step 2:

We grade the skins by size and twist and fold them by hand into the required shapes to make the products our customers love.

Step 3:

The skins go into our special air-drying ovens, at low temperatures, for 2-5 days, and we gently lift the moisture from the skins.

Step 4:

Once the skins are perfectly dried to lock in all of that fishy goodness, we pack them up, ready to send to our customers' lucky dogs!

How comparable are our treats to homemade dog treats?

Our fish skin dog treats are even better than homemade dog treats, and that is because we pride ourselves on our lengthy drying process, which ensures consistent, high quality and healthy dog treats. Not only that, the quality of our ingredients is a priority, and therefore we only source the best fish we can get.

Is fish skin bad for dogs?

Fish skin is NOT bad for dogs. In fact, fish skins are packed with Omega 3's and hold the same or even more nutrients than the fish fillet. Fish skins for dogs are healthy and tend to be tastier than the fish fillet.