Dog Friendly BBQ Foods and Safety Tips

by Noor zahra on July 17, 2021
Who doesn’t love the BBQ season! The smell of food grilling is hypnotising! It’s safe to say, the majority of us have a furry companion and if you’re like us, it’s a dog! 

    Family, friends, dogs, it’s lovely to have all involved! Although we want our dogs involved, it’s important to remember that there are foods your dogs can not have.

    Fact about BBQ: 

    Due to lockdown, BBQ’s have become one of the top summer home leisure activities. It is also the 'Silver Anniversary 25th National BBQ Week' - This takes place from July the 5th to July the 18th.


    BBQ for Dogs: What is safe to eat? 
    • Lean hamburgers - Some say normal hamburgers are fine but only a bite or 2 as too much fatty foods can be very unhealthy for dogs
    • Chicken breast - This is a delicious protein that is low in fat
    • Salmon - This is obviously DELICIOUS!
    • Grilled vegetables - Plain vegetables such as sweet potatoes and courgettes are perfectly fine
    • Fruits - Watermelon is a great option, you can even freeze the fruit pieces to make a nice treat that will help to cool your dog down
    • Cheese - Only in small portions and would make a good special treat
    • Ribs (Off the bone) - It’s important to not feed any cooked bones to your dog. 

    Foods that are not safe for your dogs:
    • Kebab Sticks
    • Bones
    • Corn on the cob
    • Onions
    • Avocado
    • Chocolate dessert 
    • Raisins and grapes 

    Five safety tips to have dog friendly BBQ
    1. Some dogs can be incredibly sneaky and if they see food lying around or food that is in reach, you bet they will try to grab a bite! It’s important to keep any food, drinks, tools and accessories out of reach
    2. You’re most likely having a BBQ because it’s sunny and hot. Ensure that you have provided enough drinking water and shade! Your dog can easily overheat if these haven’t been provided. make
    3. More on keeping your dog safe and happy in the sun and heat, make sure to put sunscreen in the delicate areas to avoid sunburn. 
    4. Keep your dog a safe distance away from the barbeque, food fresh off the barbeque will be too hot to handle! 
    5. Finally, don’t give in to the puppy dog eyes! You don’t want to end the BBQ with your dog having an upset stomach 

    Skipper’s BBQ

    Skipper’s had a BBQ on Friday the 16th, It was slightly last minute… BUT… It was delicious and all of us, including Theo, thoroughly enjoyed it! 

    We struggled to get the BBQ going at first but once it was ready we got some kebabs and chicken on the BBQ. 

    Overall, it was a great atmosphere, working in the sun was a different experience and the food was obviously delicious! Even Theo was able to have a couple bites of the hamburgers! 


    Let us know your experience having a BBQ with your furry friends!