Does Your Dog Eat Grain Free? A look at Skipper’s Grain Free Complete Food!

by Team Skipper's on October 22, 2020
Grain Free Dog Food

There are many diets available to our dogs these days, convenient kibble, wet food in tins, trays and sachets, raw food, dehydrated foods that require water to be added and some owners even home cook. 

Dry kibble complete foods remain the most popular because of their convenience, comparatively lower costs in most cases. It’s also the type of food that sees the worst offenders in terms of ingredients and recipes, with some dried food having as little as 4% meat or animal derivatives and being chock full of wheat and grains.

Foods like this are problematic for a variety of reasons, and many owners don’t even realise it! Protein is the most important nutrient in a dogs diet, and low quantities of meat ingredients mean lower protein levels, so much so that some manufacturers use protein extracts from non-animal sources to boost the protein content, but unfortunately our dogs don’t process these proteins as well as they do quality animal based proteins.

Cereals and grains too offer little nutritional benefits to dogs, and it’s common that they also induce food intolerances in dogs as well. Diet is a common culprit relating to allergies in dogs, with red meat, chicken, cereals, grains and some common vegetable ingredients being the most prevalent causes.

Excess cereal and grain in foods also means your dog has to eat more of it to obtain the required amount of nutrients they need to maintain their weight and sustain their energy levels. Large amounts of less nutritious food mean much more waste out of the other end too!

It’s because of this we’ve seen the popularity of Grain Free foods boom over the past decade. If your dog suffers from skin issues, scratches a lot or doesn’t have small firm stools then trying a Grain Free option could be beneficial.

So, let’s take a look at Skipper’s Grain Free food and find out why it’s got raving reviews from our customers!

1. Fish, Lots of Fish!


Skipper’s Grain Free food features a whopping 50% responsibly sourced Fish, including Salmon & Trout. They’re rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals and are a delicious source of high quality, easily digestible protein! Which means it’s gentler on sensitive tummies!

2. Sweet Potato.

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato is a fantastic alternative to cereals and grains. It’s a complex carbohydrate and an incredible source of B vitamins. This highly nutritious ingredient is even considered a superfood!

3. Omega Oils!

Omega Oils

Salmon is already an amazing naturally rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, but we’ve added an extra Omega 3 supplement for a more beneficial Omega 3 to 6 ratio.

Omega Oils offer a huge range of health benefits to our dogs because of their anti-inflammatory properties, which means healthy joints, skin and coats!

4. It’s Cereal & Grain Free!

Cereal & Grain

Being Cereal & Grain free makes it a fantastic hypoallergenic food for your dog, which means if your dog is prone to food related allergies or intolerances it’s worth considering!

 Check out our 50% Salmon & Trout Grain Free product page here to see over 220 Five Star Reviews from our happy customers and their dogs!

Skipper's 50% Salmon & Trout Grain Free Complete Dog Food