5 Mistakes You Could Be Making with Your Dog in Summer

by Crystal Moore on July 22, 2021
We are deeper into Summer and that means warmer weather and more activities to do outside! But, are you making these 5 Summer mistakes?

All of us know that our dogs need exercise to keep them happy and healthy; Are you making the mistake of not checking the heat of the pavement on those warmer days? If so, keep reading! 

If you are unable to keep your hand on tarmac for seven seconds, this means that the ground is too hot and would be unsuitable to walk your dog at that current time. This is even more important for older dogs and dogs with heart and lung problems. 

On the warmer days of Summer, we recommend that you walk your dog in the morning or evening when it is much cooler. 

Did you know that your dog can get sunburnt too? 

It’s true! The most common places for your dog to get a sunburn is their ears, nose, tummy, back and tip of the tail. The signs of a sunburn are redness on the skin and tender to the touch.

Dogs with lighter fur and/or thinning hair are more likely to get a sunburn. In worse cases a sunburn can cause your dog to get skin damage which can lead to skin cancer. 

In order to prevent sunburn, we recommend that you apply pet safe sunscreen to the common places and to limit your dog’s time in the sun. 

“I’ll only be quick and the window is down in the car!” BUT, did you know that it only takes an increase of 2 degrees celsius in your dog’s body temperature for a heat stroke to kick in? 

Leaving your dog in a parked car, especially when it is hot outside, is already a big mistake. It only takes 20 minutes and even less for a car to become a coffin. The topic definitely isn’t nice but it is most certainly a serious one. See below a table to show how different inside temperatures are to the outside temperature.

Temperature Outside ℃ Temperature Inside ℃
10 mins 30 mins
21 ℃ 32 ℃ 40 ℃
24 ℃ 34 ℃ 43 ℃
27 ℃ 37 ℃ 46 ℃
32 ℃ 43 ℃ 51 ℃

Not providing plenty of drinking water and enough shade can often be overlooked 

No matter the weather It’s important to always provide plenty of drinking water for your dog. You need to avoid dehydration! 

It’s even more important to always provide plenty of drinking water when the weather starts to get warmer, this will help cool your dog down. Not only that, ensuring that there is always shade is also very important.

REMEMBER: Dog’s can’t sweat, therefore they need other ways to cool down. 

One of the most important mistakes owners can make are not knowing the signs of Heatstroke!

The Signs are as follows:

Finally and just as important are how to aid your dog when these signs start: 

  1. Move your dog somewhere cool
  2. Offer small amounts of tepid water
  3. Soak the hair coat with cool (but never, ever cold) running water
  4. Place in the breeze of a fan
  5. Contact your vet or, out of hours, your nearest Vets Now pet emergency clinic straight away 

Try to remember all these 5 points to ensure that your dog doesn’t have to suffer through any discomfort in this hot weather!