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John Wood

I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know how happy I am to have discovered your products.

I have a 3 year old Miniature Schnauzer and he is an extremely fussy eater. I have tried lots of brands at the top end of the cost scale and he has turned his nose up at them all. A lot of friend have said leave the food in the bowl and he will eat it rather than starve but I could not bring myself to do this ( he is one of the family and we love him too much)

For the first time in a long time he has been eating every mouthful of his food we put out for him, his appetite has come back, his coat looks fabulous and he seems to be more energetic and happy.

Needless to say we are no longer worried about him and we are very grateful for this.

As well as your products being excellent I would also like to thank you for the speedy delivery, I ordered on line in the morning, paid standard delivery and received my order next day.

Thank you very much and I look forward to purchasing from you in the future when we need to replenish.


Amanda Nunn

Just wanted to let you know how much our dogs love the food you make at Skipper’s.  We were given free samples of the complete food and treats at the All About Dogs show in the Summer and they loved them. We have a really fussy Boston Terrier, Rudi,(our fault, she was our first dog and we spoilt her!), a Chihuahua called Holly who looks like a delicate soul but eats anything and everything, a black pug called Django who we think is a pig in a dog’s body and a Staffie/Boxer who is bullied by all of them, called Vinnie.  Vinnie has had a sore red rash on his skin for ages which I have been treating with Sudocrem and cool baths and since he’s been eating your food it has completely cleared up and he is much happier!  It didn’t occur to me that it might be diet related.  Django wolfs Skippers so fast we have to put a rock in his bowl to slow him down!  Holly and Rudi love it too, it’s so nice to find a food that they all enjoy.

Another plus is your super fast delivery, we have been really impressed by the service, and the price is good too.

Anyway, congratulations on creating a fantastic dog food and I really hope your business is doing well, you deserve it.

Kind regards

Amanda Nunn

From Abbey

Well aren't we glad we found Skippers?! With four dogs that come with problems galore, including a very sensitive tummy, one with dry flaky skin and two that are just allergic to life, Skippers has been a lifesafer! Our cupboards are full of your treats and our food bins full of your complete dried diet, there is no way I would consider feeding my pooches anything else as they thrive on your products. We buy from a local supplier who is always very helpful and attains the food very quickly for us and your team are always very friendly when we've spoken via social media. Thank you so much for a wonderful service and brilliant products.

Abbey and Cruz, Travis, Oliver and Grace a.k.a The Dogsquad.

Helen Moss

We met you guys at crufts this year (unfortunately lost the discount code you gave us but oh well)... tried our very fussy pomeranian on your complete food with the sample bags you gave us and she absolutely loves it! As well as the fish skins we bought. Thanks for being so helpful, me and my boyfriend left your stall feeling like we really knew about your products!


Clair Chryssolor - Anasazi Salukis

Bought more fish skins from Skippers at Manchester today, those squares of dried and compressed fish skins, which are just the best of the best as treats but, even better, fantastic at chipping off tartar from dogs' teeth. I have now tried the squid strips and my fussy salukis didn't even sniff or test, as they usually do, just grabbed and ran. Next to be dog tested will be the long strips of dried salmon skin. Everything is made from UK sourced fish which I deeply appreciate since it takes the industry from the catch to the dog and all the bits it were, everything in the pig is used but the oink, and keeps it a pure UK product. Cannot praise highly enough the packaging, the amounts, the competitive prices, the quality. Related to my newly discovered Nutriment products, all RAW feeding, they are working hand in hand. Check them out.

Please feel free to use my name, Clair Chryssolor, Anasazi Salukis. They love everything I've brought home. Makes a change:-))

.....please use this in its entirety if you think it will be beneficial. They fell over themselves for more squid. Truly, they are so fussy, sniff, walk away, come back, lick, walk away, then do a taste and try. You would think they believe I might, one day, try to poison them. Not so with everything I brought home. See you at Crufts.


From Patricia

Blimey, who delivers your stuff! Superman!?!?! I am a first time customer purchasing Skippers for my 6 year old Westie. I went on line at approximately 5.15 pm on Friday the 14th November and ordered some fish biscuits. They arrived before 12.00 on Saturday the 15th. Amazing service. My Westie, who is called Fitch, loves the biscuits. Photo attached.

Thanks once again. Pat.

From Caroline

Hi Steve since my last message to you I have been able to find 2 of my local store that sell your products my 4 small yorkies dont like the normal dog chews that are recommended for teeth cleaning and as a result now in there senior years their teeth are not very good. So I am so pleased to find that they love (in fact can't get enough of) your small cubed fish skin. They do struggle a little with them but they must be very more-ish as they cue up at there cupboard for them (I think they can smell them throught the door lol). It makes a big change for my dogs as they would only ever eat chicken flavored chews but as your product is completely natural they're not getting any nasty flavoring additives that the normal chews have. I also bought some Salmon, white fish & potato biscuits to try last weekend and they seem to like them just as much.

Kindest regards Caroline

Sascha the Husky

My Husky Sascha gets alot of exercise (as Huskies should) and we try to make sure she gets the right food for the job, we love giving her your fish treats because they give her plenty of energy when we take her out on her bikes or scooter. She has hypothyroidism so despite the amount of exercise she gets, she puts on weight very easily if we don't control her diet so the low amounts of fat in your treats are perfect for her!

We've sent you some photos so you can see her in action, she's looking very trim at he moment and we put alot of it down to your treats!

Kind regards, Greg

Leah the German Shepherd

Hi this is Leah, she came to us as a rescue, we loved her from the moment we saw her but unfortunately like a lot of rescues she came with some problems, the biggest of which was a flakey skin condition on her back that we were told she's supposed to continually take medication for, but after talking to some people online we decided to take her off the food she was on with her previous owners, a big commerical brand that's not as good as the adverts would lead you to believe and found a better alternative, which helped with the flakeyness. It wasn't until we started giving her your fish chews though that it completely cleared up and her coat has turned out lovely, she absolutely loves the treats too and they're working wonders in her obedience training.

Really thankful we stumbled accross your treats!


-Elle, Grimsby.

Mia the Black Lab

Hi there, we were given a sample of your fish skin cubes and biscuits and our dog Mia loves them!

We can't wait for your complete food to be available too!

-Stephanie, Grimsby


I wanted to email you with feedback about your product. I have a beagle and Labrador and I have tried a variety of foods in the past. Since being introduced to Skipper’s from a friend it is the best dog food by miles. What I’ve noticed is that the portion control is simple to understand and it satisfies my dogs after a long walk. The other thing is the aroma of the food as I sometimes add warm water to make it moist which the dogs love - and almost good enough to eat myself! Value for money is great.

Thanks - Keith Miller