Raw Herring Mince (Sporting & Working Dog)

    Raw Herring Mince (Sporting & Working Dog)


    100% high quality minced whole Herring including approx 25%-30% bone, packed full of essential omega oils and an excellent natural and healthy option for your dog.

    It's perfect for feeding with our complete food, mixed together to add juicy texture and flavour, or alternatively as part of a raw diet combined with the necessary amounts of offal, bone and fresh fruit and vegetables like apple, peas and sweet potato making it an excellent choice in creating your own loving recipes for your dog!

    Fresh raw fish offers a great, highly digestible protein source similar to what the dogs natural ancestral diet would consist of. Feeding fish is great for improving skin and coat condition, as well as heart health and packed with essential omega oils.

    PLEASE NOTE: All raw food is frozen. It is despatched in insulated boxes to help them keep their temperature. They may arrive slightly chilled, but are perfectly safe to go back into the freezer.

    Ingredients: 100% Herring

    Analytical Constituents: Moisture: 64.6% Protein: 16.1% Fat: 17.14% Fibre: 0.2% Ash: 1.96%

    Energy: kCal/100g 214

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