Super-nutritious freshly dried Sea Treats for dogs - handmade in Grimsby

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fish cubes on trays


Fish is an extremely perishable item and requires preservation if it is to be used for future uses. Several preservation methods are used around the world to ensure the fish will be of a very high quality in the coming months and years. The aim of all these methods is the same, to extend shelf-life. One of these preservation methods is drying, which is the oldest
known method of preserving perishable food items including fish. The Vikings introduced the drying of fish into the UK around 1,200 years ago in the 9th Century AD.


The term “drying” ‘is actually the “dehydration’’ of a food product and involves removal of water content from the fish body. Drying fish can take several days, but by doing so we keep proteins and intrinsic nutritional properties intact. This drying process is practiced under controlled operational parameters like air temperature, relative humidity, air velocity etc. Our practice is to dry fish in an enclosure provided with facilities to control these parameters and guarantee that no outside contamination will be allowed.


Dried fish is quite hard but softer than bones. If your dog is older and has been fed dried or soft foods all its life, the teeth maybe sensitive to hard foods. In this case just put the fish in water for some hours and it will soften up. If left in water long enough the fish will eventually return to its original form and become very close to fresh fish.

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