Super-nutritious freshly dried Sea Treats for dogs - handmade in Grimsby

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Dog Biscuits

If you're looking for dog biscuits that are packed full of flavor, nutritional goodness, and that come at a great, affordable price, you've come to the right place. Here at Skipper’s Pet Products, we offer only the finest, UK-sourced and produced dog biscuits that are bound to make your dog sit up and sniff the air as soon as you bring them out of their hiding place in the cupboard. So if you want to really give your favourite pet a biscuit dogs around the UK are crying out for, try our fish biscuits for dogs.

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Our fish treats are made from ALL natural ingredients.
With NO flavourings, colours, e-numbers, or additives of any kind.

Dog Biscuits from Skipper’s Pet Products

We’re proud to say that unlike other manufacturers overseas in paces like China, who ship into the UK to be sold, our homemade biscuits are just that: homemade.

This means that the fish is locally sourced from sustainable waters up and down the UK, and the production happens right here in the UK, too. This means that giving your dog our fish biscuits isn’t just a great way to keep your dog happy, it’s also a really great way to support local businesses and UK-based manufacturing.

Natural Dog Biscuits for Your Dog

Alongside the fact that our tasty dog treats are produced right here in the UK, we’re also proud to say that every single one of our fish biscuits are 100% natural. This means that they’re free of artificial flavourings, colours, e-numbers and additives.

We’re happy to champion sustainably-sourced fish and the other natural ingredients that make our fishy dog treats so special. With high protein and Omega 3 levels, and low saturated fat content, your dog won’t just love the taste of our biscuits, their health will be benefitted, too. So if you want to give your pet a snack that’s sure to keep them happy and healthy into old age, buy our natural dog biscuits for your dog today.