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Fish Skin Jerky

Skippers are the UK leaders in air-dried fish treats for dogs.

Our fish skin jerky range are air-dried at low temperatures which locks in the nutritional qualities of the fish, and this results in a more nutritionally dense treat than a cooked treat. Fish jerky is a low fat dog treat which makes it perfect for any and all dogs.

Fish Skin Jerky

110 reviews

Dental Bundle

9 reviews

Puppy Bundle

3 reviews

Training Bundle

14 reviews

Sensitive Stomach Bundle

3 reviews

Skin & Coat Bundle

6 reviews

Variety Bundle

450 reviews

Fish Skin Cubes

368 reviews

Fish Finger Skins

264 reviews

Fish Skin Trimmings

206 reviews

Wolf Fish Flatties

23 reviews

Squid Strips

227 reviews

Fish Skin Throw Sticks