Super-nutritious freshly dried Sea Treats for dogs - handmade in Grimsby

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Mission Statement

Our vision...

Did you know that the majority of all fish treats sold in the UK come all the way from China?

They may be packed in the UK, but they were manufactured over 5000 miles away!

At Skipper’s we’re working on changing that.

Our vision
What could be better than using our own resources, skills and production experience in the distribution of our own products? Cutting back supply chains and carbon footprints - not to mention providing employment for local people - as well as looking after our proud manufacturing heritage for future generations.
When you order any Skipper’s product you can be sure that the some of the revenue supports the fishing industry, and keeps manufacturing in the UK - and playing a part in keeping Britain’s manufacturing industry alive.


Here’s what we’re all about...

Our mission...

1. To be your first choice supplier for quality natural seafood treats and feeds made in the UK and sourced from sustainable fisheries.

2. We will only add natural ingredients which promote the health and well being of your pet. Our products are manufactured and dried in our human consumption Grimsby facility.

3. We dry our fish products instead of cooking them. This process ensures that only water is removed - not intrinsic proteins or oils. We are, at present, the only producer capable of this process in the UK - other producers ‘dry’ their product by actually ‘cooking’ it.

4. We will not use preservatives, colourings or E numbers in our products. Our products do not need them - and neither do your pets.

5. Using our team’s expert knowledge - gained from over 100 years of combined experience within the seafood sector - we will only source local and exotic seafood, high in omega oils and rich in proteins to manufacture our pet treats and complete food range.

6. To actively protect the environment by sourcing most of our fish products from UK fish merchants - reducing the carbon footprint to a minimum.

7. Perserving sustainable fisheries and promoting responsible fishing, whilst avoiding products from ‘at-risk areas’.

8. We aim to bring back manufacturing to the UK, where it belongs.