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Our Heritage

Our heritage


Grimsby, situated on Lincolnshire’s east coast has long been established as the heart of the fishing industry within Europe and could once boast the largest deep sea trawler fleet in the world.

Trawlers were named after every football team within the English football leagues and competition amongst individual skippers to land the most valuable catch was ‘competitive’ to say the least. Although the deep sea trawlers have long since been decommissioned, the port of Grimsby remains a hive of activity with the Auction hall on the quayside still being the busiest fish auction in the country.

Fish is still brought into the town via fishing boats but also arrives by way of road transport from Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Norway, Shetlands Islands, Holland, Denmark as well as from small fishing ports up and down the coasts of England.

The Grimsby Fish Market is recognised as being one of the most important fish markets in Europe - renowned for the quality and diversity of its fish. The facility is one of the most advanced facilities in the UK. Opened in 1996, the £15 million development was the culmination of the confidence in the future of the fishing industry in Grimsby.

The port of Grimsby is the main centre of the UK fish processing industry. In recent years, this expertise has led to diversification into all forms of frozen and chilled foods including being the home of Young’s seafood. Consequently the town is one of the single largest centres of fish processing in Europe. 85% of all fish products sold in the UK are produced in Grimsby.
From the auction halls the fish is delivered to the individual fish factories for processing and then it is delivered to inland markets like Billingsgate in London together with fish and chip shops, retail outlets, fishmongers, restaurants and hotels all around the UK and onto the continent.

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